Loba Motorsport (HPFP/Turbo/Valve train)


High Pressure for more Power
Tuned vehicles burn more fuel, which at a certain performance level can no longer be supplied by a standard high pressure fuel pump. Our high pressure fuel pumps have been especially designed for use in tuned racing and road vehicles. They supply the necessary pressure and fuel, even at high performance levels.


  • Developed for racing and tuned vehicles
  • Higher pressure levels, higher flow rates
  • The appearance is nearly identical to that of an OEM pump
  • Hardened cylinders and pistons made from a special alloy
  • Diamond-like carbon (DLC) coated pistons
  • Developed and produced by LOBA Motorsport

Available products for: VAG 1.4 TSI/TFSI, VAG 2.0 TSI/TFSI (EA113 & EA888), VAG 2.5 TFSI, VAG 4.0 TFSI, VAG 5.0 TFSI, VAG 4.2 FSI, AUDI R8, LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO


Our turbochargers have undergone complex optimization processes and modifications. The actual upgrades vary depending on the model.

  • Modified compressor housing
  • Modified turbine housing
  • LOBA Motorsport CNC Aluminium compressor wheels
  • Reinforced actuators
  • Optimised manifolds
  • Optimised wastegates
  • Optimised backplates
  • Reinforced bearings
  • Reworked manually
  • Optimised gap dimensions
  • Easy installation without expensive vehicle retrofitting
  • Developed and produced by LOBA Motorsport

More Flow for more Power

Tuning often begins with software optimization, but the existing vehicle reserves are quickly maxed out and the maximum performance achieved. Achieving even higher performance levels is only possible with hardware modifications. For charged turbo motors, replacing the standard turbocharger for a more powerful Upgrade Turbocharger is a smart option. Our Upgrade Turbochargers are designed and optimised specifically for the tuning and racing industry. All of our models are adapted to fit a specific type of motor or vehicle. This enables the production of customised products which help achieve significantly higher performance levels.

In many cases, our Upgrade Turbocharger can be installed without the need for further vehicle hardware modifications. But it does make sense to carry out further modifications, to get the most out of our products. Software adaptation for our turbochargers is essential; a clearly improved turbocharger also requires clearly improved software.