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HKS Blow-off Valve SSQV

The HKS Super Sequential Blowoff Valve (SSQV) is a dual stage pull type relief valve. Unlike other blow off valves that are push type, the SSQV will not leak under high boost conditions nor under vacuum at idle. Being of a pull type valve structure, the SSQV can not physically leak under any level of boost because boost pressure also keeps the valve closed against its seat. The SSQV is actuated by pressure alterations only, not by the rate of pressure or vacuum in the line, which ensures a quick valve response and complete closure during idle. Vehicle specific HKS SSQV kits come complete with all needed mounting flanges, brackets, and miscellaneous hardware for a bolt-on installation.

Wij leveren HKS SSQV Versie 4, indien niet beschikbaar word SSQV 3 geleverd.