GFB Atomic Boost Controller

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The Atomic has earned a reputation as being one of the most reliable and effective manual boost controllers on the market, boasting a repeatable and steady boost curve, quick rise rate, and great bang-for-buck!

Manual Boost Controllers may lack the extra features of an EBC (Electronic Boost Controller), but they get the job done!

When you need simple, reliable, set-and-forget boost control, a Manual Boost Controller is hard to beat. Installation is as simple as connecting a couple of hoses, and setup is as easy as turning the adjustment until you hit your target. Once that’s done, you can forget about it and drive your car. Being a rugged, mechanical device, it will never vary or fail, no matter how much abuse you can throw at it.

Our Manual Boost Controllers are available in two types, one is suited for conventional pneumatic wastegates, and the other is for use with vacuum-actuated VNT (Variable Nozzle Turbine)/VGT (Variable Geometry Turbine) turbos that are commonly used on diesel engines.

  • Repeatable And Stable Boost Curve
  • 100% Reliability, Zero Maintenance
  • Easy To Install In Minutes
  • Easy To Adjust, Set-and-forget
  • Precision Needle Valve Bleed System, More Stable Than “ball-and-spring” Types
  • Manufactured In Australia In Accordance With Iso 9001

The Atomic Boost Controller was tested on an MY02 Subaru WRX (whose only mods were a turbo-back exhaust) back-to-back with the factory controller. A base-line power run was performed with the factory boost control, and the boost level was measured at the same time. The Atomic was then installed and set to the same peak boost level of 0.9bar (13.2 psi) so that the spool-up time could be accurately compared before and after the installation.

The dyno graph shows the Atomic boost curve in green, and the factory curve in blue. 4th gear is used for both tests, and proof that the Atomic was set to the same peak level is seen towards the end of the chart as the two curves meet. However, notice the massive gains down low in the rev range, as much as 18kW (23.4hp) AT THE WHEELS!

This increase in power shows that the Atomic allows the boost to rise significantly earlier than the factory controller, which on the road represents much better acceleration from a whopping 1700RPM earlier in the rev range. All this WITHOUT exceeding the factory peak boost level, and for a pocket-money price!

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GFB-3001 inklappen

Merk Model Type Bouwjaar  
MitsubishiStarion(A18 A) Starion JA-JD 4G63 82-881982 - 1987GFB-3001
ToyotaSupra(A8/JZA8) Supra JZA80 3.0 2JZ-GTE 93-021993 - 2002GFB-3001
MitsubishiCordia(AA/AC) Cordia AA-AC 4G62 83-891983 - 1989GFB-3001
FordTelstar(AT) TX5 AT F2 turbo 87-891987 - 1989GFB-3001
ToyotaCelica(AT18/ST18) Celica GT-Four ST185 3S-GTE 89-931989 - 1993GFB-3001
ToyotaCelica(AT20/Petrol Coupe/ST20) Celica GT-Four ST205 3S-GTE 94-991994 - 1999GFB-3001
SubaruLegacy(B13_/BL/BL5/BP/BP5) Liberty BL-BP Turbo EJ20T MY03-062003 - 2006GFB-3001
SubaruLegacy(B13_/BL/BL9/BP/BP9) GT MY06-092006 - 2009GFB-3001
SubaruLegacy(BE/BH) B4 MY98-032000 - 2003GFB-3001
MazdaMazda 3(BK/Petrol Hatch) 3 MPS BK MZR L3-VDT 06-092006 - 2009GFB-3001
SubaruLegacy(BL/BP) GT MY03-062003 - 2006GFB-3001
MazdaMazda 3(BL/Petrol Hatch) 3 MPS BL MZR L3-VDT 09-132008 - 2014GFB-3001
MitsubishiLancer(C6A/C7A/CJ/CP/CSA/CS_A/CTA/CT_A/Petrol Estate/Petrol Saloon) Lancer EVO IV-IX 96-071996 - 2008GFB-3001
MitsubishiLancer(CBA/CDA/CEA) Lancer GSR 1.8 4G93 92-961992 - 1996GFB-3001
MitsubishiLancer(CBA/CDA/CEA/V) Lancer EVO I-III 92-961992 - 1996GFB-3001
MitsubishiLancer(CX A/CYA/CZA) Lancer Ralliart 4B11T 08-on2008 - 2023GFB-3001
MitsubishiLancer(CY/CYA/CZA/Petrol Saloon) Lancer EVO X 07-on2007 - 2023GFB-3001
MitsubishiEclipse(D2_A) Eclipse 1G 4G63t1989 - 1994GFB-3001
MitsubishiEclipse(D3_A) Eclipse 2G 4G63t 1995-19991995 - 1999GFB-3001
MitsubishiGalant(E5A/E7A/E8A) Galant VR4 E84A 6A12TT 92-961992 - 1996GFB-3001
MitsubishiLegnum(EC5W) Legnum VR4 EC5A-EC5W 6A13TT 96-031996 - 2002GFB-3001
MazdaCX-7(ER/Petrol SUV) CX7 All 2.3 MZR L3-VDT 06-on2006 - 2014GFB-3001
SubaruImpreza(G3/GH/GR) STi MY08-132008 - 2013GFB-3001
SubaruWRX(G3/GH/GR) STi MY08-132011 - 2012GFB-3001
SubaruImpreza(G3/GH/GR) WRX MY08-142008 - 2011GFB-3001
MazdaMazda 626(GC) 626 GT GC FET 86-871986 - 1987GFB-3001
SubaruImpreza(GC/GF) Impreza 2.0 Turbo GT EJ205 MY98-001998 - 2000GFB-3001
SubaruImpreza(GC/GF) Impreza 2.0 Turbo GT EJ205 MY98-001993 - 2000GFB-3001
SubaruImpreza(GC/GFC) STi MY99-001998 - 2000GFB-3001
SubaruImpreza(GC8C) STi MY94-961994 - 1996GFB-3001
SubaruImpreza(GC8C) WRX MY94-961994 - 1996GFB-3001
SubaruImpreza(GC8D) STi MY97-981996 - 1997GFB-3001
SubaruImpreza(GC8D) WRX MY97-981996 - 1997GFB-3001
SubaruImpreza(GC8F/GC8G) WRX MY99-001998 - 2000GFB-3001
MazdaMazda 626(GD) 626 GD F2 turbo 87-911987 - 1991GFB-3001
MazdaMX-6(GD) MX6 GD F2 turbo 87-911987 - 1992GFB-3001
SubaruImpreza(GD) STi MY02 (aka bugeye)2001 - 2005GFB-3001
SubaruImpreza(GD/GDG/GG) WRX MY06-07 (aka Hawk eye)2002 - 2008GFB-3001
SubaruImpreza(GD/GG) STi MY03-072001 - 2007GFB-3001
SubaruImpreza(GD/GG) WRX MY01-02 (aka bugeye)2000 - 2005GFB-3001
SubaruImpreza(GD/GG) WRX MY03-05 (aka Blob eye)2000 - 2007GFB-3001
MazdaMazda 6(GG) 6 MPS GG MZR L3-VDT 05-on2005 - 2007GFB-3001
MitsubishiGalant(HH) Galant VR4 E38A-E39A 4G63 90-931990 - 1993GFB-3001
FordLaser(KE) Ford Laser TX3 KC-KE 1.6 B6T 87-901987 - 1990GFB-3001
FordLaser(KF/KH) TX3 KF-KH 1.8 BPT 90-931990 - 1993GFB-3001
NissanSunny(N14) Pulsar GTi-R N14 SR20DET 90-951990 - 1995GFB-3001
MazdaMX-5(NB) MX-5 Turbo BP-Z3 02-052002 - 2005GFB-3001
NissanSkyline(R32/R33) Skyline R32 GTS-t RB20DET 89-931989 - 2000GFB-3001
NissanSkyline(R33) Skyline R33 GTS-t RB25DET 1993-19981994 - 2000GFB-3001
NissanSkyline(R34) Skyline R34 GT-T RB25DET 98-061998 - 2006GFB-3001
MitsubishiColt(RG/Z2A/Z2_A/Z3A/Z3_A) Colt Ralliart All 4G15 06-on2006 - 2012GFB-3001
Nissan180 SX Coupe(S13) 180SX S13 1.8 CA18DET 89-921989 - 1994GFB-3001
NissanSilvia(S13) Silvia S13 1.8 CA18DET 88-941988 - 1994GFB-3001
NissanSilvia(S13) Silvia S13 2.0 SR20DET 88-941988 - 1994GFB-3001
Nissan200 SX(S14) 200SX S14-15 2.0 SR20DET 93-031993 - 1999GFB-3001
NissanSilvia(S14) 200SX S14-15 2.0 SR20DET 93-031993 - 2003GFB-3001
SubaruForester(SF) GT MY01-022001 - 2002GFB-3001
SubaruForester(SF) GT MY98-001998 - 2001GFB-3001
SubaruForester(SG) XT MY03-04 (Series I)2002 - 2005GFB-3001
SubaruForester(SG) XT MY05-08 (Series II)2005 - 2008GFB-3001
SubaruForester(SH) XT MY09-132008 - 2013GFB-3001
NissanSkylineSkyline R31 GTS-Turbo RB20DET 85-901985 - 1990GFB-3001
ToyotaCelica(ST165) Celica GT-Four ST165 3SGTE 86-891986 - 1989GFB-3001
ToyotaCaldina(ST215G/T21) Caldina GT-T ST215-ST246 3SGTE 97-031997 - 2002GFB-3001
HoldenCommodore Kombi(VL) Commodore VL RB30ET 86-881986 - 1988GFB-3001
HoldenCommodore Stufenheck(VL) Commodore VL RB30ET 86-881986 - 1988GFB-3001
MitsubishiGTO Coupe(Z1 A) GTO Twin Turbo 6G72 89-001989 - 2000GFB-3001
DodgeStealth(Z1_A) Dodge Stealth1992 - 2000GFB-3001
Mitsubishi3000 GT Coupe(Z16A) 3000GT VR-4 6G72 92-991992 - 1999GFB-3001
ToyotaSoarer Coupe(Z3) Soarer JZZ30 2.5 1JZ-GTE 90-001990 - 2000GFB-3001
Nissan300 ZX(Z32) 300ZX Z32 VG30DETT 89-971989 - 1997GFB-3001
Nissan300ZX(Z32) 300ZX Z32 VG30DETT 89-971992 - 1996GFB-3001
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